April 2019 Newsletter


Welcome Fred Strohm

Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation is happy to announce that Fred Strohm has joined Sarge’s as operations administrator. With a background in operations management, Strohm brings a career in technology and animal welfare.

Most recently, Strohm was operations manager at the Terre Haute Humane Society (THHS), in Terre Haute, IN, where he had oversight in daily operations, with a budgetary and efficiency focus. Strohm supervised the THHS staff of 25 people and served on the building committee for a new animal shelter — a journey which, he said, mirrors Haywood County’s process to build the new animal shelter. Strohm was previously a THHS volunteer, then on the board of directors, culminating his service as THHS vice president.

Strohm and his wife, Ashley, had been looking for “more natural and scenic places to live,” when he accepted the Sarge’s operations administrator position.

“This area fit well,” Strohm said. “This is a great opportunity to come to this area — and Sarge’s is a great group of people.”

Strohm began fostering fearful dogs some time ago and has adopted three of them.

“Computers are my career, but animals are my passion,” he said.

Strohm and his wife have four dogs, Heidi, Morgan, Dublin and Lala; and four cats, Mokey, Lilo, Teardrop and Aladdin. He considers Aladdin his ‘child,’ since he raised him from the bottle-feeding stage. The bond between Strohm and his cat Aladdin is so strong, Aladdin often rides around on Strohm’s shoulder.

As to his priorities joining Sarge’s, Strohm said that helping the animals is paramount.

“Taking care of the animals, in their best interests, is my number one priority,” Strohm said. “My focus will be on how we can better serve the animals in Haywood County.”

Strohm holds a bachelor of science in management information systems from Indiana State University in Terre Haute, IN.

“We at Sarge’s are so happy to have Fred in our community and are excited about our future with him on board,” said Jed Lambert, Sarge’s board president.

The community is invited to stop by Sarge’s Adoption Center to meet Fred.

Sarge’s thanks interim administrator Penny Wallace for all her work on behalf of Sarge’s animals. Penny and Rusty are moving back to Maryland to be near their granddaughter. We wish them well on their next chapter.

Save the Date for Sarge’s Dog Walk







The date and time are set for Sarge’s 14th Annual Dog Walk — with a 9 a.m. start Saturday, Aug. 3 — at the historic Waynesville Courthouse. We hope you all will participate in Sarge’s Dog Walk, either by walking a dog, sponsoring the happy event or becoming a ‘virtual walker’ (more information on that to come).

Sarge’s is delighted that 99.9 KISS Country morning personalities Eddie Foxx and Sharon Green are returning as judges for the contests and leaders of the walk.

Eddie and Sharon, everyone at Sarge’s is grateful your years of support for Sarge’s mission of saving the homeless dogs and cats in Haywood County.

Stay tuned to Sarge’s website, Face Book page and the e-news for more information on the Dog Walk as the event gets closer.

A Salute to Sarge’s Fabulous Volunteers




















Sarge’s amazing volunteers work at Sarge’s Adoption Center, at the Haywood County Animal Shelter, and with cats at PetSmart, as well as do countless hours fostering homeless cats and dogs (and in some cases rabbits, hedgehogs and ferrets).

They have helped us care for animals, kept us clean and tidy, helped us table events and inform the public. They have answered phones, made us food, kept us smiling, and have driven for us.

“Most of all, they have helped us grow as an organization and inspired us to keep pushing to save homeless animals in Haywood County,” said Sarge’s Volunteer Coordinator Windy McKinney. “We are so grateful to our volunteers.”

Sarge’s staff has begun sharing photos of our fabulous volunteers on Face Book. Take a look at these pictures. You can just feel the love.





















Follow Sarge’s Facebook page

Sarge’s Facebook page has up-to-date info on all the happenings at Sarge’s, happy adoption photos, and fun posts including ‘Smile of the Day’ and photo caption contests. The staff loves to see your creativity in the caption contests — so, play along. Here’s a caption winner for your amusement, by Ginger Wild.

Mark your calendars for classes and events

Sarge’s staff holds regular classes on animal behavior, with Sarge’s Animal Behavior Coordinator, Caitlin Morrow, plus animal enrichment classes, with Sarge’s Volunteer Coordinator, Windy McKinney.

In addition to the regular classes, new classes have been added on hot topics including Clicker Training and the all-important subjects of House Training and Animal CPR/First Aid.

Clicker training is one of many tools for a positive reinforcement-based dog trainer.

“A lot of people have heard of clickers or used them in a training class with their dog, but don’t really feel comfortable with them,” Caitlin said. “They are a wonderful tool for us to use in shelter environments and utilize in our training programs. We only use clickers for positive reinforcement training and, therefore, have dogs that eagerly participate in our training sessions.”

‘House Training 101’ covers the basics of how to train your dog to potty outside. This class is open to anyone, but requires advanced registration.

Please note: both of these classes are for humans only; so please leave your dogs at home when you attend.

Sarge’s volunteer and foster programs encompass the Sarge’s Adoption Center, the Haywood County Animal Shelter, and the cat area of PetSmart in Waynesville.
All of the classes, training, and volunteer sessions are on Sarge’s website, under “events.”

Click here for info on classes and orientations.

For information on volunteer and foster programs, email Windy at Sarge.Vol.Coordinator@gmail.com.

Infirmary News

In infirmary news this month, Sarge’s has kitten Tigger, who came to Junaluska Animal Hospital with a serious leg fracture. They were able to splint the leg, and she has been recovering in a foster home the past three weeks.

“She’ll have a recheck very soon, and if the leg is healed well enough, she can be spayed and move on to an adoptive home,” said Nancy Bulluck, Sarge’s medical assistant, social media manager and Sarge’s founder. “Our paws are crossed that her healing is about complete.”

Sarge’s is grateful to all who donate to the WuzBug Fund for Special Needs for treatment for dogs and cats needing medical care.

Please be an angel and donate to the fund, so that Sarge’s can take care of the next special-needs animal that comes along.

Visit https://www.sargeanimals.org/donate/donate-to-animals-with-special-needs/



Recipe of the Month

‘Wishing for Spring’

Plain yogurt (less than 1/4 cup per red solo cup – please be sure there is no sweetener added, especially sugar substitutes like Xylitol, which is highly toxic to dogs)
Chopped strawberries (less than 1/4 cup per red solo cup)
Green beans (less than 1/2 cup per red solo cup)
Kibble (up to one cup)
*Please no seasoning or additional ingredients

What to do with the Recipe of the Week:
Our recipes of the week can be used to fill a Kong or even turned into a frozen Pupsicle treat in a plastic cup.  To create a frozen Pupsicle you will use these ingredients plus a plastic container or almost any size, add ingredients, add water, freeze the whole thing.  The smallest container we use is a large red solo cup size.  If you need additional food to fill the Kong or Pupsicle use the dog’s regular food and this treat can partially or fully replace a meal depending on quantity of food used.

Click HERE to see a video of a Sarge’s pup really enjoying the Pupsicle.

Product needs

Sarge’s kennel staff members need Nature’s Miracle, which is their “secret” weapon in the constant struggle for cleanliness and odor control in a shelter environment. It’s readily available at retail outlets locally, or is on Sarge’s Amazon wish list. 

See needed items on Sarge’s Amazon wish list HERE. Sarge’s animals and staff say, “Thank you!”

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