2016 Donations in Honor and In Memory

2016 Donations in Honor and In Memory


Suzanne Clarke in honor of Alexis Clark & Nicolas Clarke
Ernestine Upchurch in honor of Evan Upchurch
Thomas & Willa Calderone in honor of “Savannah”
Kim McClure in honor of “Krista” of the Thundering Herd and Ely Pritchard
Dale & James Eglinton in honor of “Oliver’s” friend
In honor of “Oliver” Eglinton
– Lynne & Victor Young
– Dale & James Eglinton
Stan Wulkowicz & Connie Ward in honor of “Brady”
Carol Ann Klein in honor of Hanna Libera
Dr. & Mrs Paul B. Wood, in honor of Jim & Katie Ray
Leia McCullough in honor of Gary McCullough
Sophia Humpidge in honor of your beloved dog “Ben G”
Louise and David Keck in honor of “Lucy”
Smoky Mountain Dentistry in honor of Betty Cozart-Hawkins
Andrew and Gretchen Webb in honor of Noreen Smith
Stephanie Lunsik in honor of Phyilis and Hal Lunsik
Susan & Tom Moore in honor of “Sweet Pea”
Ruby Maloney in honor of Jack Jones Birthday
Janet Passapae-Sauer honor of Gary P.
Jerry Egelles in honor of Buddy Hamilton
Judy Tiger in honor of Tony and Natalie Gaddis
Mary Beth & Harry Hutchison in honor of Whitney Vandiver
Karin McLelland in honor of Marin’s Birthday
Laura A Mast in honor of 2017 Dog Walk
Linda Arnold in honor of Toni Mullany
Robert Viau in honor of Paul and Carol Viau
Debbie Simms in honor of “Cowboy”
Victoria Hargreaves in honor of “Wally” Moreland
Victoria Fleury in honor of Milo
Leslie & Julie Taylor    in honor of Jenny and Robin Ashley
William & Donna Studer in honor of Donna Studer
Stanley Smith in honor of Vicki O’Mara
Sally Smith in honor of Bill Wotzak
Patricia & Dan Thomas in honor of “Ladybug”
William Eglinton in honor of Tom and “Oliver” Eglinton
Dale & James Eglinton honor of Thomas Eglinton and “Oliver” birthdays
Tracy Sherrill in honor of Lesley Brown
James Jenkins in honor of Jim and Cheri Jenkins
William & Sandra Owen in honor of Tricia and David Ponder
William & Sandra Owen in honor of Janet and Ron Tingle
Julia Roberson in honor of Gail Roberson
Carol Ann Klein in honor of Mrs. Hanna Libera
Tracy Sherrill in honor of Mike Scipione
Clair Quenzler in honor of Jece
B. Carter in honor of Gracie
Tammy Murphy in honor of Thomas Eglinton
Sheryl Scott-Duns in honor of The Mitchell Family
Suzanne Clarke in honor of your Niece and Nephew
Mary Beth & Harry Hutchison in honor of Whitey Vandiver


In memory of Marlene Nuzzo
– Pavlynn Willis
– Mike
– Anne Daniels
– A Heart For Horses
– Eleanor Nuzzo
– General Insurance Services, Inc.
– Don Forehand
– Marilyn & Jack Smith and Family
– Tracy Nuzzo
In memory of “Maggie”
– Mary Jane Gibbons
– Mary Pat Thompson
– David Argenzuo
– Klein, Carol Ann
– Mary Ellen LaVelle
– Sylvia Handley
– Lyle & Janet Munce
Leigh & Nancy Houston in memory of “Maggie” & “Summer”
Sophia Humpidge in memory of “Barkley” Cummings
In memory of Robert Allison
– Barbara Singer
– Carol & Paul Viau
Sandra Greenalch in memory of Robert Greenalch
Peggy Heilig in memory of “Dutchess”
In memory of “Pickles” Singer
– Barbara Singer
– Carol & Paul Viau
Carol Busteed in memory of “Mellow”
Kenneth & Myrdice Snyder in memory of Donald Strickland
Shannon Hunter in memory of Scott Evesque
In memory of Mrs. Betty Lambert Cozart-Hawkins
– Scott & Marie Fletcher
– Betty Alcorn
– Sharon Allsbrook
In memory of David Barry, Jr.
– Nancy Bulluck
– Carol & Paul Viau
– Jo Baker
In memory of “Ben G” Humpidge
– Helen & Donald Shanley
– Rebecca Owen
Cheryl Villemaagne in memory of Lois Strain
Jean Santucci in memory of “Nellie”
Dr. and Mrs. Harley Dickson in memory of Nora Gray Dickson
Nancy Bulluck in memory of “Simcha”
In memory of Caroline Lathrop
– Joel Cox
– Barlow Plumbing Service INC
– Margaret Burson
– Sandra Fitterer
– Lyndon Smathers
– Kim and Alan Lake
– Kathey Gregory
– Colborne, Elizabeth
– Mark E.Kinter, MD
Ed & Barb Gross in memory of “Kalea”
Carol & Paul Viau in memory of “Roxie”
In memory of Noreen Smith
– Bill and Joyce Logsdon
– Joy Harris
– Robert Smith
Jean Santucci in memory of “Bear”
Lynn Collins in memory of Alex Clark
Jan Williams in memory of “Walter”
Congregation Bamidbar in memory of Debbie Koenig
Marilyn Barrett in memory of “Olive”
Kathy Lu in memory of Eudora Althea Blake Osterheldt
David & Wendy Riggs in memory of George Loomis
Elizabeth Carter in memory of Spencer Tracy Melton
Julie Cathey in memory of Edith Goodman
In memory of Linda Holder
– Nancy Arnold
– Mountain Eye Associates
– Elizabeth West
– Cynthia Murray
– Susan Ferguson
– Elizabeth Brannon
Sara Hunter in memory of Linda Ruff Sutton
Sharon Green in memory of Tamera Miller
Linda Woodberry in memory of “Pokey” Woodberry
In memory of “Mandy”
– Sophia Humpidge
– David & Wendy Riggs
In memory of “Penny”
– Patsy Bragg Polansky
– Raymond and Judy Fillpot
Robert & Donna Kaye in memory of Mary Feichter
Zada & David Hooten in memory of Zada B. Phipps
In memory of Helen Jewel Boyd
– Holly Brooks
– Linda Lutz
– Mary E. & Stephen Staiger
Marjorie Warren in memory of “Tuscola”
Sophia Humpidge in memory of “Callie”
Catherine Bishop in memory of Peter Sterling
Margaret Rosenthal in memory of Kath Baiiur Lillagore
Sandra & Stephen Lampl in memory of Bernard Franklin
David & Wendy Riggs in memory of “Kalie”
Joan Byrd in memory of Hopi Suggs
Diane Nabors in memory of Bailey, Sophie, Baxter, and Sambeau
Carol Bowes in memory of Anna
David & Wendy Riggs in memory of Annie Buchanan
Vivian Gerard in memory of Connie Hiatt
In memory of Shirley Wines
– Gwendolyn & Tony Simmons
– Judy Presnell
– Leslie Davis
Lisa Bradley in memory of Joe Clark
In memory of Terry Nyhagen
– Joan Martin
– Marcella Bryan
– Darryl and Autumn Mills
– Erika Noland
– Richard & Diane Byers
– Haywood County Beekeepers Association
– Karleen Remington
Norman Jacobs in memory of Sasha
Charlotte Selvidge in memory of George Loomies
Ambria Smith in memory of Jerry and Phyllis Ray
David J Snider in memory of “Sasha”
In memory of Clayton Montgomery
– Lynn Coto
Marilyn and James Barrett in memory of “Tater” and “Olive” Barrett
Merrilee Reid in memory of Merrilee Dulaney
Vickey Watson in memory of Coco, Brandy and Osce
Ann Foose in memory of Natasha of The Thundering Herd
Betty Loun of “Miss Dolly”, “Goldie”, and “Patcher”.
Laura Clark in memory of “Orianna”
In memory of “Justus”
– Melissa Wood
– Jennifer Kussrow

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