It’s been one week since I adopted Turbo from you and I wanted to give a short update. First, he has since been renamed Ryker! He is having a lot of fun playing with all of his older brothers, Mordecai (doggy), Stanley (Kitty), and Connor (human), and all three are very fond of him at this point. He gets lots of snuggles when he isn’t playing (and he sleeps in bed with me and Mordecai at night without any accidents yay!), and he is loving getting TONNNSSS of pets and scratches from my coworkers (I’ve been bringing him to work in hopes it will help speed up the potty training). I am absolutely in love with this puppy, and I’m sooo thankful Jeff at Sarge’s put him in front of me even though he’s not what I was originally looking for! He is the perfect addition to our family. Thank you so much 🙂

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