Adoptable Cats

Sarge’s Adoptable Cats

We receive dogs and puppies from many sources in Western North Carolina. Intakes are sourced from Animal Shelters and individuals alike. Adult cats are tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and given vaccines. They are also treated with Revolution, which covers fleas, ear mites, heartworm and some intestinal parasites. If necessary they are treated for tapeworms. Any additional medical care that may be needed is scheduled and provided before adoption.

Kittens are housed, usually in a foster home, until old enough for spay/neuter at a minimum of two months old and two pounds weight. They are given age appropriate vaccines, dewormed and if necessary, treated for fleas and any other medical conditions that may be present.

We have an arrangement with our local Petsmart, in west Waynesville, to have adoptable cats and kittens there, available for adoption. A volunteer is often on duty at busy times to help potential adopters, or a store employee may show a cat to a potential adopter and then call us to facilitate the adoption. We also have cats available for adoption at The Dog House in Waynesville. Potential adopters there will be directed to Sarge’s Adoption Center to facilitate the adoption.

The adoption fee for adult cats is $50, for kittens $75. Purebred cats’ adoption fee is $100. Occasionally there may be “specials” and these will be publicized in our social media.


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