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Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation

Sarge’s original mission is to save animals from euthanasia in the Haywood County Animal Shelter, because when we started, more than 50 animals per week were being put down because of lack of space.

Now that the Haywood County Animal Shelter has achieved no-kill status, it is our goal to make sure they are able to maintain that record. We now have more hard-to-place and longer term animals in our care, and we provide assistance to the shelter with on-site adoptions.

Recent News

Charlee (Laya)

By Fred Strohm | November 19, 2020

Just wanted to send you a quick update and thank you again for selecting us to be Charlee’s, now Laya’s new family. Laya is the sweetest, smartest, and cutest little […]

Clark Kent (Sarge)

By Fred Strohm | November 18, 2020

We had a good trip back to Sarge’s new forever home. No accidents or problems getting car sick. He actually almost fell asleep in my lap. I think he will […]


By Fred Strohm | November 18, 2020

Bleu is happy

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