Donate to Animals with Special Needs

Donations for Specific Needs

Fairly often, we are in a position to help an animal with extraordinary needs beyond the usual routine medical care. We may make pleas for donations allocated to a special need, such as a wheeled cart for a dog born without front or hind legs, or abandoned animals that are malnourished and very ill, or perhaps a case of hoarding or extreme breeding where there are many animals in dire physical condition. If you would like to sponsor an animal’s adoption fee, or pay for special care of an animal, all you have to do is make a note of it on your check or let us know when you make your donation over the phone or in person. Alternatively, you may donate to Sarge’s “WuzBug Fund for Special Needs”, which goes to support animals where the need is greatest. Just designate your gift “WuzBug Fund” and we’ll make sure it goes to the right place.


How Your Donations Help

We depend entirely on support from our community of animal welfare advocates and people who love their furry family members to keep our organization running smoothly. The funds that are donated or raised through special events pay mainly for the care of our animals, which includes medical care, food, preventatives for fleas, heartworm and other parasites, and kennel supplies, maintenance and repairs. We have staff dedicated to the welfare of our animals, including kennel assistants, behaviorist, medical assistant, an office manager and adoption center manager. Other expenses include overhead such as rent, insurance, vehicle maintenance, and utilities.

Your donations of goods and services are also a huge benefit in helping us keep our animals happy and healthy and help save on monetary expenditures.

Donate Today

We rely on the generosity of private donors and business sponsors to care for Sarge animals and place them in loving and responsible homes. Continue below to make your donation.