Get Help Finding A New Home.

Sometimes, even the most loved animals need to find a new home. While Sarge’s may not have room for every pet needing a new place to stay, we can connect you with the best adoption counselor for your pet: you! As the expert on your animal, we highly encourage rehoming your animal. By using the Rehome link here, you can get your animal seen by countless potential adopters.

What Rehome Can Do For You.

Through rehome, you can create your pet’s profile, review applications from potential adopters, and set up meetings with applicants. Please note, Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation, Inc. is not affiliated with Rehome. Sarge’s does not facilitate the adoption process for pets available for adoption via rehome.

Interested In Adoption?

If you’re interested in adopting a new furry friend, please consider adopting a pet from Rehome. Adopting straight from an owner allows you to speak to a true expert on that animal with their best interest at heart. Below are just some of the great animals in our area in need of a new family to call their own: