August Pet Of The Month – Sasha

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Tish O’Connor, Sue Libera & Misty want to thank Brenda O’Keefe for giving Sasha such a wonderful life and for her generous support to Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation.

Sasha’s Story

I went to Sarge’s in search of a feline companion.  I wanted a cat that could stay alone while I was at work for most of the day. Then I heard a tiny voice barking and went over to investigate. I saw this little dog missing half her hair that was about ten years old.  I immediately felt a connection and volunteered to foster her for two weeks.  I would leave the restaurant for a few minutes throughout the work day to go home and spend time with Sasha.  At noon, no matter what was going on, I would leave Joey’s and spend a half hour with her.

 After two weeks, I was so attached and felt an incredible bond with her.  So, I adopted Sasha. The next day, the kids at Joey’s threw me a surprise Mother’s Day party!  My family and friends were so supportive, bringing special toys, coats, treats, etc. for Sasha. She had a problem with her legs where she could not stand upright and would fall over. So I started massaging her legs every night and brushing her. Eventually her legs became stronger and she learned to walk and run again. The vet said it was because she finally had a place where she could get out and move around. . Apparently, Sasha had been confined in her previous home which affected her legs.  She loved the fenced back yard.

  I also fed her very well, of course.  My dear friend built a special carpeted ramp for Sasha so she could get up into the bed with me.  After several months, Sasha’s hair grew back and filled in. When I would go out of town, my friends Becky and Terry, or Tish and Sue, would keep Sasha. They were all so loving and good to her. I could trust them to give her the very best care.  When I made the decision to close Joey’s, Sasha was my touchstone.  I was so conflicted and stressed about what I was doing.  However, I had Sasha’s calming presence that gave me unspoken comfort and support.  Sasha changed and revitalized my life.  You know the phrase “The life you save may be your own”?  Well, that’s the essence of animal adoption.

Brenda O’Keefe

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