“I just want to thank you for allowing me to give Gabby (aka Galadriel) a home. She is very happy to be here. The first few days she was a lot skiddish–yet she was willing to let me pet her from the start. She is very well–she is vocal when her needs are not met. She has been a comfort and lots of laughs and company to me. I am a disabled person so I spend lots of time alone and at home. She loves her “rats” and gets in a big way when she is playing with them. I love on her when she gets up in my lap. She doesn’t like me picking her up (neither did my first feline–so I think of that as a “feline” problem)… Thank you so much for giving all the animals a place to live until they get adopted out OR fostered out. If I could, I would adopt another feline to be Gabby’s friend.
I will say this, Gabby is tolerating my best friends dog being in the same area as she is. Thanks again.” – Beverly
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