July Pet of the Month – Misty


Misty, our beautiful, intelligent Sarge rescue, has blossomed into a sweet, gentle member of our family.

She was rescued from an extremely disturbing environment. She was fearful of noises and sudden movements.  She was undernourished, her ribs were showing through her fur and to this day she is still dealing with medical issues due to that.

But with lots of love, patience, training and her best dog friend Sadie who taught her to play with toys, she has become a happy dog that is great with other dogs and cats. She earned her Canine Good Citizen Award.  Family and friends that are not comfortable around dogs have fallen in love with her and her sweet disposition.

We are so grateful to Sarge’s that Misty was one of the 11,000 animals that they have rescued.

Tish O’Connor & Sue Libera

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