November Pets of the Month – Summer & Maggie


Summer and Maggie, Sarge’s Good Will Ambassadors

Our golden retriever Summer came into our lives as an abused, frightened dog that just wanted to hide in a corner.  After months of giving her tender loving care and consoling her, she decided to give humans a second chance.  She eventually became a gentle happy dog that greeted everyone like a best friend.

Maggie was a golden retriever that was turned over to the shelter because she had health problems.  She had been tied up outside for over 3 years and lacked social skills and house manners.  But Summer taught her how to behave and they became best pals.  It was a remarkable process to watch these dogs overcome their issues.

We started a program to teach all the students in Haywood County from nursery school through high school on how to care for their pets.  Through the “Youth For Sarge’s“ program, Summer and Maggie became good will ambassadors.  They would go to the schools with us and one of our Youth for Sarge’s kids would give a presentation on how to care for your pet to the class.  Summer and Maggie would do tricks for the children after the presentation.  Both the students and the teachers loved Summer and Maggie.  The kids would line up to pet them and it was not unusual for six kids to be petting one dog at the same time.  Even kids that were afraid of dogs, overcame their fears and would pet a dog after seeing everyone else petting them.  The dogs enjoyed it as much as the kids.  It was a great program.  They were also wonderful fundraisers at all our Youth for Sarge events.  They were in the local newspapers several times a year promoting Sarge’s.

Summer and Maggie brought joy with them wherever they went.  They enjoyed going for walks, taking naps, going on car rides and playing with their toys.  They were two of the best dogs ever and we cherish the memories of our time with them. – Tish & Sue

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