September Pet of the Month – Juniper

september POTW

Tish O’Connor, Sue Libera and Misty want to thank Juniper and her parents, Jeff and Cindy Soell for supporting Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation.

Message from Juniper:

My name is Juniper. I am a seven-year-old Golden Retriever and have always been a strong supporter of Sarge’s as you can see from the Dog Walk poster when I was a little white puppy with my friend Maggie.

Two of my best friends are rescues from Sarge’s – Chelsey and Misty.

Let me tell you why I think it is important for you to be kind to others and share your love and generosity with Sarge’s. Kindness is contagious.

I believe in treating others the way I like to be treated. Each day I open my heart to others and accept them for who they are and what they do. If you wag your tail or smile when you see someone, you will find them wagging their tail or smiling back at you.

If you wait for your friend, allowing them to do something first (like drink from your water bowl or pick up your stuffed toy), you will be happy.

They will be happy too! It feels good to do good and doing good deeds makes you and others feel good. This is why I love and support Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation.

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