Lyndsey L. Tate

Volunteer and Foster Coordinator

Hail and well met, travelers!

My name is Lyndsey E.L. Tate, formerly Lyndsey
E. Long, as of September 17th. And I am your
Volunteer and Foster Coordinator!

I have lived in Haywood County for my entire
life, and count myself lucky for that. As a
teenager, as most teenagers do, I wanted nothing
more than to flee as far away from this “podunk”
town as I could. But when I set my heart to
leave and began to plan out where I would be
going, I decided to lay out some parameters for
my new home. A town that’s not too big but not
too small, with lots forests to explore and
rivers to sit next to while sipping coffee,
hiking trails and camping spots, somewhere with
a reasonable night life scene, nothing crazy,
maybe somewhere near a city. And then it hit me;
I was already exactly where I was supposed to
be. I met the man who would eventually ask me to
marry him and we explored the mountains we call
home together. We fell in love with each other
and this place, together. We now have a
beautiful little home with our fur-babies, a
sweet Border Heeler named Booker and two cats,
Faye and Samantha.

It is easy to say that I have always loved
animals, but it also incredibly cliché. Because
I feel like it goes deeper than that. I have
always been drawn to them. They are so much
easier to get along with than my two-legged
counterparts, and they provide the simple and
perfect companionship that I believe is
necessary to thrive as a human. My heart is for
them first, always. I worked at the Pet Vet on
Patton for most of the formative years of my
life as a kennel technician, with a short stint
as a vet tech assistant. And no matter where I
went afterwards, whether it was working as a
barista or a fledgling teacher, none of it ever
felt right, or true to myself. Then this
position came across my desk and I felt the pull
of destiny, and who am I to deny destiny?
If you have ready any of my emails, I am sure
you can tell how excited I am to be here. And I
can promise you, it’s 100% genuine giddiness. I
get to wake up every day and know that I am
actively making a difference. I am seeing to it
that these babies are being lovingly and
attentively seen to as they patiently wait for
their forever homes.

So, in short, I am happy to be here, and I am so
excited to work with you all. Can’t wait to meet

“Saruman believes it is only great power that
can hold evil in check, but that is not what I
have found. I have found it is the small things,
the everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep
the darkness at bay… simple acts of kindness
and love.” –Gandalf the Grey

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