Windy McKinney


Windy grew up in Haywood County, and wandered back home after graduate school abroad, beginning her role at Sarge’s as a volunteer in 2011. She is an avid animal advocate, having always had animals in her life, and if its up to her, she always will! She has volunteered and fostered with animal rescues in both the US and UK, and happily brings this passion for animal welfare to her work every day. Windy is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, with a special interest in shelter behavior and nose work. Currently working at Behavior Tails, her specialty is training dogs in Nose Work, including service dog alerting, and detection work. She hikes regularly with her three dogs, Bandit, Pearl, and Zuri, while Arthur, the family cat, often joins them for strolls through their Waynesville neighborhood. When not hiking, working, or spending time with her family, Windy is a cultural historian who researches and writes from home, with the family cat for company.

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