April Pet of the Month – 11,000 animals that Nancy has helped


Tish and Sue’s Sarge rescue dog Misty, along with the 11 thousand plus dogs and cats that Nancy Bulluck has helped rescue, want to let her know how much they appreciate the years of dedication and the devotion she gives each day to help saving their lives.


These are some of the dogs that Nancy has picked out to commemorate:

Casper, a shy, sweet, Pit Bull mix boy. 
Chipper, a beautiful Himalayan mix kitty who had suffered a leg fracture.
Flair, an incredibly loving kitty with a case of the “wobbles”. He is currently our “nanny cat” in the group room, giving comfort to scared kittens.
Hank, a scared dog who is sweet but needs to gain some confidence
Lawrence, a Treeing Walker Coonhound goofball.

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