Mr. Brown & Tinkerbell – May Pets of the Month


Laird & Clair have always loved animals but cats weren’t ever their favorite until about 5 years ago. Baby kitties keep showing up at Clair’s sisters house! We always found homes for them(after we fixed them) until people quit answering their phones because they knew if it was us, we were calling to ask if they wanted a cat. SO we ended up with 2 kitties. We have no idea if they are kin but they are about the same age. Their names are Mr. Brown and Tinkerbell. We actually couldn’t touch Brown for at least a year and Laird asked Clair “why do we have a feral cat in the house?”. Clair said, “ Can you catch him?” They now are our best friends and we are So glad we have them and that there are 2 of them.

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