Sarge’s Relationship with Haywood County Animal Shelter

By Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation, Inc. / April 17, 2018

Sarge’s has always worked closely with the Haywood County Animal Shelter, which has been and is the primary source of animals coming into Sarge’s care. It was well-known that the old Haywood County Animal Shelter, dating back to 1988, had become inadequate and outdated to care for the volume of animals coming through its doors. […]

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Individual Care Pages for Pets are Good Ideas

By Sarge Rescue / June 27, 2016

Filling out a detailed information sheet regarding care of each your pets can be a powerful gift to leave behind if someone else needs to care for pets because of an emergency. From bigger details – who are other emergency contacts to help care for them? – to individual details such as your pet’s microchip […]

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