Grayson’s Story

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Grayson had been adopted from Sarge’s and returned because of health/behavior problems and I met him at Sarge’s soon after he was returned in early 2015. I’m a volunteer and foster mom and after seeing him, I asked if I could bring him home to observe his behavior. Twenty four hours later, I called Sarge’s to see if a vet appt could be made for him.  I believed he probably had a urinary tract infection. Even though it was a Saturday, Sarge’s arranged an appt that morning and I took Grayson to the vet. They performed an ultrasound and discovered that the poor guy had a bladder stone. OUCH, OUCH, OUCH! Grayson and I left the vet’s office with meds for pain and a treatment plan – surgery. Expensive surgery.  I left him at Sarge’s for the weekend, and we hoped that the meds would make him more comfortable.

Sarge’s big heart and emergency medical fund provided the necessary surgery.  I brought him home to continue fostering and, as is often the case, found that there was no possibility of him leaving – I adopted him.

He quickly bonded with my old cat, Finn.  They became inseparable. Grayson followed Finn and cuddled with him like a kitten with momma cat.  When Finn died last year, I worried about Grayson. NOT TO WORRY! Grayson has bonded with me now, I am his new best pal.  He is my shadow, and when I am not available, the dog has become “his” dog.

Grayson belongs to us and we belong to Grayson.  

Thank you Sarge’s,
– Jean Richards

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