Lucy’s Story


On May 12, 2018 my husband and I lost a precious dear dog, Charlie to kidney disease. The loss hit us hard. We couldn’t imagine replacing Charlie, however there was a hole in our hearts and in our home that needed to be filled. Haphazardly, one morning, I got a message from my friend with a picture of sweet Lucy, a Catahoula mix who had been a long term resident of Sarge’s, along with her brother Sioux. My friend and I decided to go to Sarge’s on our lunch break to meet these beautiful dogs, knowing we could only take one. I had seen Lucy and Sioux listed on Sarge’s website for some time but was hesitant to separate one from the other. Once we arrived at Sarge’s, we were escorted to meet these dear dogs. Both dogs, although barking loudly in the pen they shared, were put on leash and taken for a walk. Once out and away from the rest of the dogs, they both proved to be the sweetest, loving, attentive creatures. We chose Lucy, as we have other dogs in our home and we thought a female would blend better than a male. I picked Lucy up at 2 pm and at 5 pm we left for our lake house, what a way to break her into our way of life than literally having her a few hours before introducing her to yet another new environment. She did wonderfully! Lucy loves other dogs, she loves young children and most of all she loves boat rides. She is calm and sweet, polite and attentive. She has proven to truly be a wonderful addition to our family and we only hope someone else gives Sioux the same chance we gave Lucy.

Laura Gunter Jones

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