Courtney Trethric

Adoptions Counselor & Social Media Manager

Courtney fell in love with Waynesville in 2021, and made a 5 year plan to move to the mountains. She completed her goal early, and lives in the mountains with her wife. Together they share a rescued Pomeranian mix, an English cream golden retriever, and an orange Manecoon mix. Courtney loves hiking, foraging, herbalism, and reading outside in the hammock. When she’s not at Sarge’s, Courtney is a practicing Hellenistic Astrologer, tarot reader, and sound bath practitioner. She incorporates her life mission of finding peace and healing with pairing animals to their forever home, as she believes pets make our lives worthwhile. “The sense of meaning, love, and wholeness I feel spending time with my pets has greatly impacted my life. Without their mutual adoration, I’m honestly not sure where I’d be in life.” Courtney has previously worked in the animal medicine field in South Florida, and is elated to be on the non-profit side of animal care.

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