Noah Benbow

Kennel Assistant

Noah Benbow, proud native of Asheville, North Carolina, is an avid outdoors enthusiast with a fervor for adventure. His heart finds solace in camping beneath the stars, trekking through picturesque hiking trails, and conquering the thrilling rapids during white water rafting escapades.

Noah’s affinity for animals knows no bounds, but his deepest connection lies with dogs. They’ve held a special place in his heart from the beginning. This unwavering love fuels his passion for dog training and behavior, driving him to continually refine his skills and dedicate himself to following his lifelong passion.

Beyond his love for the outdoors and animals, Noah has ventured into the nonprofit sector, driven by a desire to build and connect with his community. He’s a perpetual learner, a student for life, constantly seeking to expand his knowledge and expertise.

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